ETA International – Bench Testing

ETA International – Bench Testing

ETA International – Bench Testing

ETA International has 20 years of testing and expertise of marine energy technology and systems. ETA owns/operates the following rigs: Dynamic Test Rig (DTR) for Flexible Pipe/Power Cable Testing, Crush Rigs, Soak Tanks, Tension/Tension-Bend Rigs, Torsion Rig, Pressure Vessels. All of the test rigs were designed and built by ETA. ETA’s project staff consists of six mechanical engineers, one technician, and two senior consultants. Both senior consultants have extensive expertise in U.S. Navy and subsea programs and systems.

Capabilities include:

  • Component and Power testing
  • Instrumentation
  • Composite blade testing
  • Composite structure (non-blade) testing
  • General component testing
  • Structural testing

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Facility Point of Contact: Donald Johnson -

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