Evergreen Innovations – Numerical Modeling

Evergreen Innovations – Numerical Modeling

Evergreen Innovations – Numerical Modeling

Evergreen Innovations develops custom numerical models and control solutions for marine energy applications at both full-scale and prototyping/testing stages. We have tested marine energy systems in over 30 experimental campaigns across Europe and the US. Our core expertise is in the implementation of robust, real-time control systems for both laboratory and full-scale applications.

Control solutions we frequently work with include the National Instruments cRIO/LabVIEW, the Speedgoat/Simulink RT system, or the Bachmann M1. During our numerous previous wave tank testing campaigns, we have developed significant practical experience in interfacing with a wide range of sensors and controllers, including inertial measurement units (IMU), pressure sensors, force sensors, motor encoders, and drive systems. We have extensive experience interfacing with hardware over EtherCAT, RS-232, RS-485/422, I2C, SPI, CAN and many others.

In addition to developing real-time control systems, we also have long-standing expertise in numerical modeling of WECs, using either integrated tools such as WecSIM / Simscape Multibody / Simscape Fluids, or from first principles.

Evergreen Innovations has active subscriptions for all relevant MathWorks products for real-time/modeling work (Matlab/Simulink/Simulink RT/Coder/Simscape etc). We also carry a subscription for LabVIEW including their FPGA and Real-Time modules. Over the years, we have built up a significant internal control hardware stock, including NI cRIO, NI c-Series modules, Speedgoat systems, and EtherCAT (Beckhoff) I/O hardware. We can make hardware available to projects for which we develop the control solution.

Capabilities include:

  • Component and Power testing
  • Instrumentation
  • Physical Modeling
  • Control Systems engineering support
  • IEC technical specification design
  • Indoor wave flume testing
  • Indoor wave tank or basin testing
  • Power performance modeling
  • Power-take-off testing
  • WEC hydrodynamics

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Facility Point of Contact: Johannes Spinneken - johannes@evergreeninnovations.co


Numerical Modeling & Analysis
Component and Power Testing, Control Systems, IEC Technical Specification Design, Instrumentation, Performance Modeling, Physical Modeling, Tank/Flume Test Support, Turbine and WEC Hydrodynamics

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