Oregon State University – Directional Wave Basin

Oregon State University – Directional Wave Basin

Oregon State University – Directional Wave Basin

The Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory, established in 1972, is a state-of-the-art Center conducting both applied and fundamental research to address ocean, coastal and nearshore processes via physical model experiments. Hinsdale makes learning and discovery possible. With two large-scale experimental facilities, investigators are able to perform physical model testing of coastal systems subject to the action of tsunamis, waves, and/or storm surge. A large variety of projects have been carried out at the Laboratory including wave propagation, wave-structure interaction, stability of coastal structures, beach erosion, offshore structures, bio-fouling, floating structures, and testing of renewable energy devices.

Capabilities include:

  • Wave hydrodynamics
  • Floating structures
  • Numerical model validation

Tank dimensions:

Length: 48.8m, Width:26.5m, Height: 2.1m

Max depth: 1.36m

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Point of Contact:
Pedro Lomonaco – pedro.lomonaco@oregonstate.edu

Oregon State University is affiliated with the Pacific Marine Energy Center.

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