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University of New Hampshire – UNH Tow and Wave Tank

The UNH Tow and Wave Tank enables research where test bodies can be towed, subjected to wave action, or both. It is 3.66 m wide, 2.44 m deep, and 36.6m long. The tow carriage can achieve tow speeds up to 2 m/s for turbine testing and the tow system provides highly accurate control of acceleration, velocity and position. A low-drag hydrokinetic turbine test bed with a submerged frame made from NACA 0020 struts is used to test turbines up to nominally 1m diameter for both cross-flow and axial-flow turbines, enabling high Reynolds number testing at reasonable blockage. The wave maker can generate waves with 1-5 s periods up to 0.4 m wave height (regular waves, various random seas spectra), and the tank is equipped with a wave-energy-absorbing geo-textile beach.

Capabilities include:

  • Component testing
  • Performance metrics analysis
  • WEC and TEC hydrodynamics
  • Array integration
  • IEC technical specification design
  • Test plan design

Tank dimensions:

  • Length: 36.6m
  • Width: 3.66m
  • Height: 3m
  • Max depth: 2.44m

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