Wallace Energy Systems & Renewables Facility (WESRF)

Affiliation: Oregon State University
Facility Name: Wallace Energy Systems & Renewables Facility (WESRF)
Address/Location: Corvallis, Oregon
Coordinates: 44.566862, -123.275520

The Wallace Energy Systems and Renewables Facility (WESRF) is one of the highest-power university-based energy systems labs in the United States. In addition to the hardware capabilities outlined below, the WESRF research team are world leaders in wave energy converter modeling and control development; power take off design, development, and control; and wave energy array grid integration and stability studies.

Contact Name: Ted Brekken
Contact Phone: 1.541.737.2995
Hmax (m): n/a
Tmin (s): n/a
Tmax (s): n/a
2D/3D: n/a
Absorption: n/a
Umax (m/s): n/a
Wind Width (m): n/a
Wind Height (m): n/a
Vmax (m/s): n/a
Current Width (m): n/a
Current Depth (m): n/a
Available Equipment: Cart/Inst. Bridge,Forklift,Overhead Crane
Additional Equipment: 300 HP dynomometer, 20 kW Linear Test Bed,HIL/rapid prototyping systems
Technical and Facility Support: Analysis,Conference Room,Engineering,Technicians
Standards Compliance: IEEE, TC 114

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Listing Title: Wallace Energy Systems & Renewables Facility (WESRF)