O.H. Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory – Large Wave Flume

Affiliation: Oregon State University
Facility Name: O.H. Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory – Large Wave Flume
Address/Location: 3550 SW Jefferson Way, Corvallis OR, 97331, USA
Coordinates: 44.563818, -123.291292

The Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory, established in 1972, is a state-of-the-art Center conducting both applied and fundamental research to address ocean, coastal and nearshore processes via physical model experiments. Hinsdale makes learning and discovery possible. With two large-scale experimental facilities, investigators are able to perform physical model testing of coastal systems subject to the action of tsunamis, waves, and/or storm surge. A large variety of projects have been carried out at the Laboratory including wave propagation, wave-structure interaction, stability of coastal structures, beach erosion, offshore structures, bio-fouling, floating structures, and testing of renewable energy devices.

Expertise Keywords:
Contact Name: Pedro Lomonaco
Contact Phone: 1.541.737.2875
Length (m): 104
Width (m): 3.7
Height (m): 4.6
Max depth (m): 2.7
Max length (m): 85
Hmax (m): 1.8
Tmin (s): 0.8
Tmax (s): 20
2D/3D: 2D
Absorption: Yes
Umax (m/s): n/a
Wind Width (m): n/a
Wind Height (m): n/a
Vmax (m/s): n/a
Current Width (m): n/a
Current Depth (m): n/a
Water depth Min (m): 0.2
Water depth Max (m): 2.7
Bottom: Fixed
Water Type: Fresh
Filter: No
Temp. control: No
Available Equipment: Cart/Inst. Bridge,Forklift,Front Loader,Other capabilities/instrumentation,Overhead Crane,Swing
Additional Equipment: Movable adjustable bathymetry / beach, Overhead crane capacity -6 tons, Forklift capacity 10
Technical and Facility Support: Analysis,Client Office,Engineering,Fabrication,Technicians

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