How to Apply

Please read the TEAMER Rules and Regulations prior to applying to a TEAMER Request for Technical Support.

A TEAMER Request for Technical Support (RFTS) is a collaboration between the technology developer or researcher, and the facility chosen to help meet the recipient's technical objectives. Prior to applying for support, recipients are required to have discussed their technical objectives with the facility to ensure the facility has the capability to assist and provide the necessary support. Only approved test facilities are eligible to provide technical support.

Applications are completed online by clicking HERE or can be found on the "Apply Now" page under the "Apply" tab above. Applications can be submitted at any time, but are only reviewed after the closing date for each RFTS period. The dates for each RFTS application and period of performance can be found on the "Apply Now" page as well.

Applications are reviewed by a minimum of three external reviewers which are coordinated by the TEAMER Network Director. Final RFTS recommendations are then made by the TEAMER Technical Board. Applications are reviewed using criteria which can be found HERE.

Applicants may only apply for assistance in one category (numerical modeling & analysis, bench/lab testing, tank/flume testing, open water activities) per RFTS. Multiple facility applications are permitted but must demonstrate coordination between facilities to accomplish the RFTS.

blue sky and waves, photo courtesy steffenengman (license: cc0)
Looking for Open Water Testing?

Open Water RFTS applicants will complete a separate application. Depending on the type of requested assistance, certain steps must be completed prior to applying. Please be sure to talk to the facility about these requirements prior to submitting an application. More information on open water testing can be found at the Open Water Testing page. 

Updates to Application Process

The application process has changed as of RFTS 7 to include closer early collaboration between applicants and their chosen facilities. A recording of a webinar on this topic is provided to help applicants understand these changes, why we made them, and how to submit the best applications possible going forward.

Evaluation Criteria

Applications will be reviewed by multiple subject matter experts using the criteria listed below. These criteria should be considered when filling out the application.

Project Summary - 5% of Total Score

  • How well does the technical summary describe the assistance request, rationale, and intended outcomes?

Requested Assistance - 75% of Total Score

  • Are the assistance objectives and potential benefit clear?
  • How well described is prior work?
  • Based on prior work, is this a logical next step?
  • Is the technical approach likely to achieve the intended objectives?
  • Are the metrics appropriate for assessing the success of the technical approach?
  • Is the plan for results dissemination reasonable?
  • Are any of the timing constraints incompatible?
  • Is the schedule reasonable and achievable?
  • Is the budget to provide the assistance reasonable in comparison to the scope?

Team Description and Roles – 20% of Total Score

  • How well-suited is the facility to achieving the applicant objectives?
  • Is facility selection sensible? For multi-facility proposals, is this an integrated activity?
  • Is the applicant role clearly defined and consistent with the technical approach?
  • Is the facility role clearly defined and consistent with the technical approach?
Successful Applications will:
  • Define a clear technical objective;
  • Clearly define the approach to meet the technical objective;
  • Show coordination with the chosen facility;
  • Include a clear description of why this is a logical next step in the technology’s development;
  • Detail metrics which are appropriate for assessing the success of the technical approach;
  • Demonstrate a reasonable timeline that fits within the 9-month RFTS period (or 12-month period for Open Water activities);
  • Provide value to the industry at large.

Upon completion of the review period (within approximately 60 days of the closing of the application period), the Network Director will notify applicants on the status of their RFTS. Chosen applicants are then required to work with their facility to submit a completed TEAMER Test Plan. Only upon approval of the test plan can assistance activities commence.