New TEAMER Facility Process

WEC image courtesy National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Interested in becoming part of the TEAMER Facility Network? Contact the TEAMER Network Director at for more information on when and how to apply.

TEAMER Facilities are categorized under the following categories:

  • Modelling & Analysis
  • Lab & Bench Testing
  • Tank, Flume, Tunnel or Basin Testing
  • Open Water Testing

Organizations may submit facilities or areas of expertise in as many categories as they like, and may submit multiple facilities or areas of expertise within their organization under the same category (for example a facility may have both a wave flume and a tow tank). If your facility has capabilities in more than one category, please submit separate applications for each category (e.g., one application for Lab & Bench Testing and one for Modelling & Analysis).

Open Water test facilities have additional rules prior to applying. Go to the How to Become a TEAMER Open Water Facility Page for more information.

All TEAMER Facilities must be located in the United States.

Upon review, the TEAMER Technical Board will make a recommendation of one of the following:

  • Accept. Fully accepted and ready to be included in future Request for Technical Support (RFTS) opportunities.
  • Accept, with limitations. Only some of the proposed capabilities will be accepted to be included in future RFTS opportunities.
  • Follow-up required. The Technical Board may request additional information or evidence from the facility in order to qualify for acceptance.
  • Decline, upgrades required. Facility does not qualify at this time but with certain upgrades or experience the facility may qualify in the future.
  • Decline. Facility will not qualify under any circumstance to participate.

Once a decision has been made, the TEAMER Network Director will work with the facility to finalize its role in the TEAMER Facility Network.

All facilities in the TEAMER Facility Network will be reviewed annually. Those out of compliance may be removed from the Network or required to meet compliance before continuing their participation.

Facility Evaluation Criteria

New Facility Applications will be reviewed against the following criteria.

  • Existing recognition
    • Peer reviewed publications in application area
    • Previous work or interest in field
  • Science/Engineering infrastructure capacity
    • Proof that facility infrastructure can deliver a broad range of technical support.
    • Proof that facility has sufficient capabilities to record and process R&D data.
    • Proof that facility has appropriate equipment and/or software to complete any modelling requests.
    • Please include software licenses and certifications when necessary.
  • Science/Engineering personnel capacity
    • Facility staff have sufficient knowledge and experience to provide technical support.
  • Facility availability
    • The facility will have sufficient availability to support TEAMER RFTS’s within the allotted timeframes.
    • Facility has ability to negotiate and execute agreements with the Network Director and Technical Support Recipient (TSR) in a timely manner.
  • Unique aspects
    • Aspects of facility infrastructure, personnel, and/or recognition that would be unique within the TEAMER network