How to Become a TEAMER Open Water Facility or Capability Provider

TEAMER open water testing can be requested at either an Open Water Facility or at individual project sites utilizing an Open Water Capability. Open Water Facilities will undergo environmental review prior to be allowed into the network, but then have an easier path for TEAMER applicants to gain access to testing. Open Water Capabilities will work with the TEAMER Network Director on site specific environmental documentation when projects are proposed.

Open Water Facility Application Process

Open Water Facility Application Process infographic

Please refer to this document for the full process on how to apply to be a TEAMER Open Water Facility

Applications will not be reviewed until the pre-consultation has been completed. For a list of pre-approved environmental consultants, click the button below.

After the preliminary consultation, if the facility still wishes to apply, they are encouraged to do so. The New Facility Application can be found by clicking on the button below.

Open Water Capability Provider Process

Open Water Capability providers can apply to the Network by completing the application below. Note that prior to each Request for Technical Support application with a given capability, the provider will need to work with the Network Director and an environmental consultant (at TEAMER's expense) to approve projects.

The process for utilizing Open Water Capabilities is further described by CLICKING HERE.

Click on the "New Facility Application" button below to apply.