How to Become a TEAMER Open-Water Facility

Prior to submitting an application to become a TEAMER open-water facility, potential facilities must consult with a pre-approved environmental consultant. The purpose of this preliminary consultation will be to set expectations for that facility in terms of what level of effort to expect to meet certain NEPA requirements to allow for testing at the proposed site under TEAMER.

This consultation will be provided at no cost to the applicant, however after submitting an application, if the facility is deemed appropriate to participate in the TEAMER Facility Network and provide open-water testing support, it will be the responsibility of the facility to meet the requirements proposed by the consultant, and paid for by the proposing facility. All required environmental documentation must be completed by an external consultant.

For a list of pre-approved environmental consultants, click the button below.

After the preliminary consultation, if the facility still wishes to apply, they are encouraged to do so. The Open-Water Facility Application can be found by clicking on the button below.

Facility applications that are accepted by the TEAMER Network Director will then be reviewed by the Department of Energy (DOE) to determine whether or not there are any potential environmental effects. Facilities deemed to have "no effect" will not be required to pursue additional consultation. Facilities deemed "not likely to adversely affect" would then be required to work with the consultant and submit any further documentation required by the DOE. Upon successful submission and acceptance of that documentation, facilities would then be formally entered into the TEAMER Facility Network.

Certain exceptions may apply, such as if your facility has undergone previous NEPA review and approval by a federal agency. Please check with the TEAMER Network Director for more information.