TEAMER Open Water Testing Support

TEAMER supported open water testing is available at either an approved test facility or may be achieved at the site of your choice utilizing a TEAMER Open Water Capability. If testing outside of an approved test facility, the proposed Request for Technical Support is subject to environmental consultation and may not be approved. For more information on TEAMER Open Water Support, click on the buttons below.

Due to the complexities of federal authorizations and state and local permitting associated with open water testing, only certain types of testing may occur at an approved facility. The TEAMER open water facilities have listed general activities that are permitted under their current authorizations. We encourage you to contact the facility to discuss details of your testing needs and determine if these activities can be accommodated.

Additional guidelines for open water testing are below:

  • Applicant must make case for why open water testing is necessary. Test must focus on certain aspect of device or research question.
  • Application must be inherently applied to
    • MRE device or components,
    • Environmental monitoring related to marine energy,
    • Site Characterization
    • MRE interface with PBE applications
  • General “open ocean validation” likely not within scope of TEAMER
  • TEAMER support amount per application must be $400,000 or less
  • Timelines may be up to 12 months

Descriptions of TEAMER support activities for each approved facility can be found within a facility's page. These are intended to serve as guidelines to help demonstrate what is possible. We recommend (and require, actually) that applicants reach out to the facilities for further discussion of the project goals to see if it fits.