National Renewable Energy Laboratory – System and Component Testing



NREL’s Marine Renewable Energy system and component testing and validation capabilities builds on over 30 years of experience in wind, solar, grid, transmission, and siting.

NREL is the only laboratory in the United States that is accredited for standards compliant testing. Our goal is to provide the MRE community with end-to-end testing capabilities to help prove technologies prior to and during open water deployments. NREL’s capabilities range from lab to field, watt to megawatt, and component to system testing.

Capabilities include:

  • A full range of dynamometers and structural test equipment
  • Engineers and Technicians qualified for laboratory and field testing
  • A large set of commercial grade sensors, instruments, and hardware including MODAQ for data acquisition
  • Composites research and manufacturing
  • A2LA accreditation in power performance, power quality, and mechanical loads testing of wave and tidal systems
  • Nanogrid, microgrid, and grid integration and testing laboratories

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