National Renewable Energy Laboratory – Wave and Current Resource Measurements and Site Characterization


  • Wave directional-spectrum measurements (distribution of wave energy as a function of period and direction) following IEC technical specifications
    • Data available in real-time
  • Tidal/River velocity and turbulence measurements following IEC technical specifications
    • Acoustic Doppler current profiler and acoustic Doppler velocimeter measurements
    • General Metocean measurements
    • Bathymetric and Transect surveys
    • Mooring design, planning and deployment
    • Acoustic instrument deployments of opportunity (e.g., on existing pilings or other infrastructure controlled by the applicant)
  • Wave and velocity data analysis to deliver custom/added-value products
  • Numerical model validation via collaboration with other National Labs


NREL has a collection of both wave and current measurement equipment, including ADCPs, ADVs, and mooring hardware. We can support the permitting and NEPA processes for deploying this equipment. We can also support data-processing and analysis of wave and current data to deliver results needed for your partners, or for additional project planning.

Points of Contact:
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Aidan Bharath –