Ocean Flow International – Numerical Modeling

Capabilities include:

  • Performance metrics analysis
  • Power performance modeling
  • Extreme event modeling
  • Fluid-structure interaction modeling
  • Mooring dynamics simulation
  • WEC hydrodynamics modeling
  • Mooring dynamics simulation
  • Control Systems engineering support
  • Risk reduction/risk management development


Ocean Flow International, LLC (OFI) has provided professional engineers, project managers, drafting and onsite specialists to design and manage subsea projects for energy developments for twenty years. Most of the work has been for the oil and gas sector, but also for floating solar arrays. Much of the work for subsea involves controls via automation and remote control via electric cables. These controls and power require subsea distribution systems with wet connectors as well as pre-assembly of modules. OFI has specific experience with power cables and umbilical in static and dynamic configurations. OFI designs the fields to enable future access for maintenance, repairs, expansion and decommissioning. OFI has expertise in evaluation of wind and wave effects on suspended cables and pipe risers. OFI also provides QA/QC.

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Point of Contact:
Paul Jacob – pjacob@ocean-flow.com

Additional information

Numerical Modeling & Analysis

Engineering Analysis, Fluid-Structure Interaction Modeling, Mooring Simulation, Physical Modeling