Oregon State University – Numerical Modeling and Marine Energy Engineering

Capabilities include:

  • Control system design for WECs
  • Power system resilience analysis
  • WEC control modeling
  • Power system modeling and protection
  • Discrete Element Method (DEM)
  • Spectral wave modeling
  • Array analysis
  • Passive acoustic hardware and platform development


Oregon State University (OSU) has a wide array of numerical modeling and marine energy engineering expertise, tools and resources for use in the development and understanding of marine energy technologies and the marine environment. OSU’s continued multi-disciplinary approach to MRE research allows for innovation, furthering the design of marine energy technology. Capabilities include:

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Point of Contact:
Brenda Langley – brenda.langley@oregonstate.edu

Oregon State University is affiliated with the Pacific Marine Energy Center.

Additional information

Numerical Modeling & Analysis

Array Analysis, Discrete Element Method (DEM), Engineering Analysis, Physical Modeling, Resource Characterization, System Analysis