Pacific Northwest National Laboratory – Distributed Systems Group

Capabilities include:

  • MRE power conversion modeling and analysis
  • Grid interconnection and network modeling including microgrids
  • Grid integration and system-level analysis
  • Value proposition and analysis
  • Regulatory and policy analysis


The distributed systems group at PNNL develop integrated solutions enabling the planning, management, control, and operation of highly distributed power and energy resources including renewables, energy storage and demand side resources and other systems. We apply capabilities in system architecture, planning, engineering, modeling and simulation, communications, economics, and operations. Our approaches achieve resilient, efficient, flexible, and sustainable results. We developed research, development, and demonstration capabilities on electric grid integration and operation of distributed and large scale marine renewable energy (MRE) resources, potential value proposition of MRE, and relevant regulatory and policy aspects.

Points of Contact:
Sarmad Hanif –
Jan Alam –

Additional information

Numerical Modeling & Analysis

Grid Interconnection, Performance Modeling, Regulatory Analysis, Value Proposition