Pacific Northwest National Laboratory – Marine and Coastal Research Laboratory





The Marine and Coastal Research Laboratory (MCRL) is the U.S. Department of Energy’s only marine research facility. With over 15,000 ft² of laboratory space and location at the mouth of Sequim Bay in Washington state, MCRL is uniquely positioned for marine-based research in the lab or in the water. MCRL research is supported by more than 80 staff members with expertise in biotechnology, biogeochemistry, ecosystems science, earth systems modeling, and in-water field work.

  • Pre-permitted marine test sites at Sequim Bay and Clallam Bay
  • Scientific dive team
  • Research vessels – MCRL maintains and operates several research vessels with varying capacities, including device deployment/retrieval, dive platforms, radar, and various other instruments.
    • 28 ft Strait Science
    • 23 ft SAFE Boat
    • 17 ft Tenacious A
    • 33 ft Desdemona
    • 20 ft Sun Tracker
  • Biofouling quantification and prevention
  • Environmental monitoring equipment and expertise
    • Underwater acoustics
    • Electromagnetic fields
    • Collision
  • Environmental compliance and permitting support

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