Re Vision Consulting – Modeling

Capabilities include:

  • Cost and performance modeling
  • TPL Assessment
  • Dynamics modeling
  • Resource characterization
  • Risk management planning and development


Re Vision Consulting has a deep background in the design, analysis and testing of marine renewable energy systems. Areas of technical expertise include: (1) Numerical modelling of WEC devices, (2) Controls optimization using causal and non-causal (MPC) methods, (3) Wave prediction using radar and in-situ buoys, (4) Cost and Economic Analysis, (5) Techno-economic device envelope optimization using parametrically driven models. As part of our ongoing consulting work, we have also developed extensive expertise in testing MHK devices at lab-scale as well as in open water environments and can design/implement testing programs for any marine energy system, assist with sensor selection, DAQ implementation, and post processing of data.

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Point of Contact:
Mirko Previsic –

Additional information

Numerical Modeling & Analysis

Cost Analysis, Physical Modeling, Resource Characterization, Risk Planning, Technology Performance Level Assessment