Sandia National Laboratories – High-fidelity Numerical Modeling Software Support

Capabilities include:

  • CFD modeling for current and wave energy converter designs
  • CFD modeling for optimization


Sandia uses both in-house and commercial software packages combined with their high-performance computing capabilities to solve the Navier Stoke equations on complex fluid domains, which can be coupled to material solvers to perform detailed structural interaction problems. These codes can be used to gain accurate knowledge of how current and wave energy converters interact with their environment to support optimal design for performance and reliability. Numerical studies allow for analysis via virtual wave tanks and virtual flumes. Further, detailed analysis of hydrodynamic device/component performance via two-way coupled structural and hydrodynamic simulation tools (fluid-structure interaction) can simulate complicated physics such as structure deformation under fluid loads.

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Numerical Modeling & Analysis

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modeling