Sandia National Laboratories – Open Water Capabilities


  • River, wave, tidal, and wind resource characterization:
    • Multiple ADCPs for current and wave measurements
    • Multiple Nortek Vectrino and Vector ADVs
    • Noise Spotter wave buoy measurements
    • Echo sounders
    • Tethered balloon systems
  • Inflow, wake flow, and bathymetry measurements using a remote-control survey boat
  • Turbulence measurements using ADVs and sounding weight
  • ADV and ADCP data processing, noise removal, and spatio-temporal averaging
  • Spectral and spatial-coherence analysis of turbulence
  • River, tidal, and wave numerical model development and validation using open water measurements
  • Data reporting in accordance with IEC TC 114 62600 -101, -201 and -301


The Sandia team has two decades of river hydrodynamic/hydraulic measurements and is one of the pioneers of the spatio-temporal averaging method for ADCP measurements for river resource and hydrodynamic characterizations. Sandia staff are SMEs who have helped develop multiple IEC technical specifications, including design requirements, resource assessments, and mechanical load measurements.

Point of Contact:
Budi Gunawan –