University of Maine – Advanced Structures & Composites Center

Capabilities include:

  • Component testing
  • Generator testing
  • Structural testing
  • FEA modeling
  • WEC and TEC hydrodynamics
  • Composite structure and blade design
  • Bathymetry and site data analysis


The University of Maine’s Advanced Structures and Composites Center is a world-leading, interdisciplinary center for research, education, and economic development encompassing material sciences, manufacturing, and the engineering of composites and structures. The Center is housed in a 100,000 ft2 ISO 17025-accredited testing laboratory with more than 220 personnel. The center provides R&D services to support a variety of applications including renewables, infrastructure, defense, marine, aerospace, and building industries. The center has unique facilities including: a 100ft x 30ft x 15ft deep wave/ tow tank with a rotatable wind tunnel, small and large scale structural testing for prototype evaluation, manufacturing capabilities including the world’s largest 3d printer, 5 axis CNC, welding, and composite production, and advanced numerical modeling and design software. The center has significant experience in offshore structure design, hydrodynamics, aerodynamics, model testing, and technology development with academic and industrial partners.

Tank dimensions:
Length: 30m, Width: 9m, Height: 5m
Max depth: 5m

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Point of Contact:
Anthony M. Viselli –