University of Massachusetts Amherst – ORRE Wave-Current Flume

Capabilities include:

  • Turbine hydrodynamics
  • WEC hydrodynamics
  • Indoor wave flume testing
  • Indoor wave tank or basin testing
  • Turbine test platform

Standards compliance:

  • TC 114


The UMass wave–current flume is part of the Ocean Resources and Renewable Energy (ORRE) Laboratory in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. The facility can be operated in three modes: as a standalone wave tank, a recirculating current flume, or combined wave and current flume. New capabilities added are a two-DOF actuator system and high speed PIV.

The facility will be ideally suited for experiments such as:

  • Wave–current interaction
  • Wave–tide interaction
  • Scaled tidal turbine testing
  • Scaled wave energy converter testing
  • Airfoils and hydrofoils – lift and drag measurement
  • Net and cage structure testing
  • Vortex-induced vibration of structures
  • Oscillating structures in uniform current

For more information, visit the ORRE website or download the ORRE flier (PDF).

Point of Contact:
Krish T Sharman –