University of New Hampshire – Engineering Tank

Capabilities include:

  • Component testing
  • Performance metrics analysis
  • WEC and TEC hydrodynamics
  • Array integration
  • IEC technical specification design
  • Test plan design


The Engineering Tank at COEL measures 18.3 m (L) x 12.2 m (W) x 6.1 m (D) (360,000 gallons of water) and is used for a variety of experiments where simulating unobstructed, open water environments is required. Cranes for deploying heavy equipment, including a 2-ton wall-cantilevered jib crane and a large 6-ton gantry crane are available. The tank is used for wet-testing of all types of marine renewable energy devices, ocean observing buoys, autonomous underwater or surface vehicles, and for evaluating deployment and operational strategies. Several additional components offer a variety of testing platforms. For example, the tank is well-equipped for standard acoustic measurements of hydrophones, projectors, and sonar systems (transducer impedance, receive sensitivity, transmitting voltage response, source level, and beam patterns). A variety of sub-bottom profiler transducers, single- and split-beam echo sounders, and multibeam echo sounders have been tested and calibrated in this facility.

Tank dimensions:
Length: 18.3m, Width: 12.2m, Height: 6.4m
Max depth: 6.1m

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Point of Contact:
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