University of Washington – Harris Hydraulics: WASIRF

Capabilities include:

  • Wind-water interactions testing
  • Breaking wave dynamics and turbulence


The Washington Air-Sea Interaction Research Facility (WASIRF) is a wind-wave-current tank facility formerly located at the NASA Wallops Island Flight Facility. WASIRF is a laboratory testing tank designed to investigate wind-wave-current interactions. The head space above for air flow measures 0.45 m.  The maximum wind speed is 10 m/s and the maximum water current in both directions is 0.30 m s-1 with the full working depth and 0.51 m s-1 with a working depth of 0.45 m using a false bottom.  An electronically controlled linear actuator at one end of the tank can generate any wave frequency or pattern up to 10 Hz. The computer control of wind, current, and hydraulic wave generating units can accurately repeat unsteady phenomena to allow its statistical study, as well as automate the facility operation. The water within the facility can be heated and maintained at warm temperatures, while the air flow can be cooled and humidity controlled at cool temperatures.

Flume dimensions:
Length: 12m, Width: .91m, Height: 1.22m
Max depth: .75m

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Point of Contact:
Curtis Rusch –

University of Washington is affiliated with the Pacific Marine Energy Center.