University of Washington – Open Water Capabilities



The UW has a number of active research programs in oceanography, ocean physics, and marine energy. Technical Support recipients can access a variety of equipment and expertise for this open water research, including marine energy converter sound characterizing using Drifting Acoustic Instrumentation SYstems (DAISYs) and in-situ environmental monitoring with the Adaptable Monitoring Package (AMP). Depending on the deployment location, permits may not be required for activities that do not make contact with the seabed, but are almost always required for activities that do.

The following capabilities may be suitable under TEAMER:

  • Drifting (DAISY) or stationary passive acoustic measurement
  • ADCP: acoustic Doppler current profiling
  • AMP: integrated instrumentation package
  • Wave measurement: drifting (SWIFT) or stationary

Point of Contact:
Curtis Rusch –