Tank, Flume, Tunnel & Basin Testing Table View

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Facility/CapabilityLength (m)Width (m)Height (m)Max depth (m)Max Length (m)Hmax (m)Tmin (s)Tmax (s)2D/3DUmax (m/s)Wind Width (m)Wind Height (m)Vmax (m/s)Current Width (m)Current Depth (m)Water depth min (m)Water depth max (m)
University of Maine - Advanced Structures & Composites Center30955300.8~.3~1116 paddle wave maker with up to 60 degree directionality. Bi-modal seas possible.1253.505
Alden Research Laboratory - Flume/Tank Testing Capabilities34. only16.092.4348
Stevens Institute - Davidson Laboratory10052.
University of Washington - Department of Oceanography test tank7.333.63.63.6
Texas A&M - Engineering Offshore Technology Research Center45.730.516.845.70.860.5412variablevariable0.64variablevariable5.816.8
Penn State University - Garfield Thomas Water Tunnel Faciltiy41.21.2161.21.2
University of Washington - Harris Hydraulics Lab: Visualization Tank1.271.271.451.250.11.25
University of Washington - Harris Hydraulics: WASIRF (wave flume)120.911.220.75120.10.112D200.910.450.50.910.760.450.76
University of Iowa - Hydraulics Towing Tank10033.531000.52D1030.533
University of Iowa - Hydraulics Wave Basin40204.33400.52D and 3D33
FAU SNMREC - Hydrodynamics Laboratory - low turbulence water tunnel2.50.250.25
FAU SNMREC - Hydrodynamics Laboratory - wave/towing/flume tank18.
Carderock - Maneuvering and Seakeeping Basin (MASK)110736.110.71100.90.553D6.110.7
University of Michigan - Marine Hydrodynamics Laboratory109.
NREL - Wave Tank142.51.3
Oregon State University - O.H. Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory - Directional Wave Basin48.826.52.131.543.750.80.6>203D223.21.4n/an/an/a0.11.5
Oregon State University - O.H. Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory - Large Wave Flume1043.74.64851.80.8202D223.21.2n/an/an/a0.22.7
U.S. Department of Interior, BSEE - Ohmsett – The National Oil Spill Response Research & Renewable Energy Test Facility203.319.83.42.41600-1m1.4 sec. (small chop)10 sec. (long low swell)3DTowing at 6 knots2.42.4
University of California, Berkeley - Physical model test facility672.722m depends on conditions targeted<1m depends on conditions targeted0.112DTBD (has not been used in a while)
Centurion Group Ltd - Seanic Ocean SystemsBasin/TankEngineering151510
Sandia National Laboratories - Lake Facility5536.515.2524.2524.25
Lehigh University - Tidal Turbulence Test Facility1.980.610.610.611.9810.
University of New Hampshire - Engineering Tank18.312.
University of New Hampshire - Tow and Wave Tank36.63.6632.440.4152D2.442.44
ORRE Wave-Current Flume11.