2024 WEC Modeling and Controls Workshop

May 13–17, 2024 | Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

Photo depicts orange LUPA device during testing at Oregon State University. Photo by Samantha Quinn / TEAMER

LUPA Point Absorber WEC undergoing tests at Oregon State University large wave flume. Photo by Samantha Quinn / TEAMER

General Workshop Information

Congratulations on being accepted to attend the 2024 WEC Design and Controls Workshop! Below is some important information to be ready for the in-person event.

Pre-workshop webinars

  • Pre-workshop webinars are scheduled on April 18 (watch Module 1), April 25, and April 29. Participants are required to attend either online or offline. It is highly suggested to participate in the live webinar so you can ask questions of the presenters. However, webinars will be recorded, and the link will be shared to all participants.
  • A Zoom invite has been sent to all participants in advance. The invites contain details for joining with the corresponding app, web site or phone. If you have not received your invite, please contact Samantha Quinn at s.quinn@pacificoceanenergy.org.
  • View all sessions and details here

Address of Workshop Buildings

The workshop will take place in two different buildings on the Oregon State Campus. Please arrive at the USDA Forest Service Building on May 13th by 8:15am. We will start the workshop at 8:30am, coffee and pastries will be available starting at 8:00am. The address for the USDA Forest Service Building is:

USDA Forest Service Building
3200 SW Jefferson Way
Corvallis, OR 97331

We will make our way to Hinsdale Wave Laboratory, which is located at:

Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory
3550 SW Jefferson Way
Corvallis, OR 97333

At the end of each day, we will tell you where we will begin the next day.


1. Apply and be Admitted
Congratulations, you did it!

2. Complete Webinars
Participants must complete four required webinars to prepare for the in-person workshop. (see all sessions)

3. Attend In-Person Workshop
In-person participation required (no virtual option). Travel funding is available. 

4. Provide Workshop Feedback
Complete survey on lessons learned.

Travel Information


Arrow shows entrance to USDA Forest Service Building on OSU campus. Photo courtesy OSU.

Travel Plans

Each participant should arrange their own travel plans to Corvallis, Oregon. Bear in mind that the workshop will be held from Monday May 13 to Friday May 17, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

  • When booking travel, try to follow general rules:
    • Use an economical and reasonable airfare (use your best judgment, we also don’t want you having to make 3-stops unnecessarily).
    • Use the most efficient means of transportation and, if applicable, rent an economical vehicle.
  • Travelers are expected to use economical and reasonable lodging.
  • All travelers should consider the workshop dates in their inbound and outbound travel to claim reimbursement of lodging and per diem.
  • Per diem rates ($59/day for meals) are assessed according to the standard GSA rates.

Flights and getting to Corvallis

Portland, OR (PDX) has more flight options, and the airport is about 90 min from Corvallis, depending on traffic. Eugene, OR (EUG) has fewer travel options, although the airport is about 45 min from Corvallis and typically not affected by traffic.

Both PDX and Eugene Airports offer shuttle and rental car options. You will want to book either a shuttle or rental car in advance.

Transportation within Corvallis

Buses within Corvallis are free (as is walking), as well as mini-buses within the Oregon State campus however, they typically only run every hour and do not travel all the way to the USDA Forest Service Building or the Hinsdale Wave Lab so you would have to plan your route accordingly.  You can find the schedules here.

  • Corvallis Transit System Routes 3 & 8 get you the closest.
  • Beaver Bus Service tracker can be found here.

Parking Permits

If you bring your own car, you have to purchase a visitor parking permit, which costs $4 (zone B3/C) per day and can be purchased online. You can be reimbursed for your parking expenses when you submit your reimbursement form after your trip.

Other information about Corvallis

Spring is a beautiful time in Corvallis, but if you suffer from allergies, do not forget your allergy medicine. Even if you don’t suffer from allergies, you may find that you experience them here, as it is the grass-seed capital of the world and there is a lot of agriculture around the area. Weather should be in the 60s, but please check before you pack, and make sure to bring a raincoat just in case.

Corvallis has plenty of fun activities to check out.  If you arrive early enough on Sunday May 12, we suggest catching the Oregon State Baseball game – the Beavers are currently ranked 5th in the nation and are really fun to watch.

The PRAx Center for Creative Arts just opened and even if there isn’t an event happening, you should check out the building.

You can find other activities using the Corvallis Visitor Guide.

Food Recommendations

Block 15 (Downtown location)– Burgers and Brews

Bodhi Bistro (on 1st Street) – Coffee and Breakfast

Bodhi Bakery (on 2nd Street) – Coffee, Bakery, Sandwiches

Bo and Vine – Burgers

The Brass Monkey – Lunch and Dinner

Taco Vino – Tacos (if the name didn’t give it away already)

American Dream – Pizza

Squirrels – Good pub food (must be 21)

Monroe Street by the University also has several restaurants.


Holiday Inn Express
2 mile walk

Courtyard by Marriott
1.7 mile walk

Hilton Garden Inn
1 mile walk 

There are also several AirBnBs within walking distance to the university. We do recommend walking to the venues as parking is very limited.

OSU Campus Map