Request for Technical Support (RFTS) Application

TEAMER RFTS Applications are now online. You can access the online form by clicking on the button below. You can save and finish the application at a later time by scrolling to the bottom of the application and selecting, "Save & Continue Later".

As a reminder, all applicants are required to have consulted with a pre-approved TEAMER Test Facility prior to submitting an application. Upon receiving submitted applications, the TEAMER Network Director will request a Letter of Response from the facility to ensure those conversations have taken place and that they feel the proposed project is a good fit for their facility.

Preferred facility access windows for RFTS 2 should be between April and November of 2021. Access beyond this timeframe should consider waiting to apply to future RFTS opportunities.

Applications are due by 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time on December 18, 2020.