TEAMER Facility Network

The TEAMER Facility Networks are representative of the top tier of marine energy testing and expertise facilities in the United States. All facilities listed on the TEAMER website have been approved by the TEAMER Technical Board and are able to provide testing or expertise to TEAMER applicants.

The initial set of facilities available during RFTS 1 includes entities that have an existing track record with the DOE, either as National Labs or National Marine Renewable Energy Centers (NMRECs), or as facilities involved in two recent testing and characterization initiatives, the Wave Energy Prize and Reference Model Project.

We are now accepting applications for additional facilities to be added to the TEAMER Test Facility Network. To learn more about how to be included, click here.

Facilities are categorized by which type of TEAMER activity they can support. For the first Request for Technical Support (RFTS) there will be no open water testing services available however we do plan to offer that in upcoming rounds of support.


Numerical Modeling & Analysis

Laboratory & Bench Testing

Tank, Flume, Tunnel & Basin Testing